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Trendy Tuesday: Pep on Her Peppy Little STRiDA

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and indeed it is when the execution is top-notch. I was thrilled to see that Pep, a local blogger and hard-core roadie, dedicated a recent post to her trendy folding bike and her personal bike style à la Fashion Friday. I love the way she pulls together classic pieces in neutral colors with a chunky knit scarf, and how the ensemble highlights her silvery mane and bright white little bike.

Peppy Little Strida

Every morning, Pep rides her STRiDA bike to a shuttle stop where she quickly folds it up and hops on one of her company’s fleet of private buses. It’s quick and easy, much better than driving or riding the whole way.

Folding bikes are hot these days because they solve “last mile” issues for suburban transit users as well as “no space” issues for urban dwellers. How hot? Well, my most popular post of all time is by far a review of the Bromptons Dick and I rented in London. If you haven’t tried a foldie, you have no idea how amazing they are.

For more details on Pep’s STRiDA bike and her stories of riding the backroads of the San Francisco Bay Area, check out her About Pep blog. Her photo-driven tutorial on descending is worth the visit alone.

All photos in this post are courtesy of Pep of About Pep and are used with her permission.


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Bike Your Pet to Work Day

One thing I love about working in Silicon Valley is the quirky workplace environment that goes way beyond Dress-Down Friday, ping-pong tables, bean bag chairs and stand-up desks. My current job is a little more buttoned-down than most, so when they declared it “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” I was a little surprised.

Turns out the CEO has a new Labrador puppy that he wanted to show off. I can’t blame him, who wouldn’t want their furry friend cuddled up next to their desk? I love working from home with my cat curled up beside me. So why not take him to work for a day? He’s no fraidy cat and setting up my bike for his carrier wasn’t hard.

Cat Carrier on Bike

The trip went as well as could be expected. He cried a little, but no more than he does in the car. He made a few friends along the way and is now settling in here in my office. I hope the ride home goes just as well.

Does your workplace allow pets in the office? Have you ever brought yours to work? What about on your bike?

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